Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Decoration: Giant Candy Hearts


OK so they're not quite the same as candy hearts, but they were fun to make.

Inspiration:  My 3-year old loves to help me decorate the house for holidays and she loves to paint at her easel.  Since most her paintings are just big blobs of color, I thought it would be cute to cut them out in heart shapes to hang them as decorations.  I wanted to add some words to them as well.

How We Made Them:  My daughter painted on large sheets at her easel.  I always try to restrict her to about 3 colors (and try not to let them be a combination that makes brown!).  We hung them on the clothesline in our basement to dry.  The next day, I used a Sharpie to draw a large heart and cut them out.  Then I wrote out block letters with sayings from Valentine's Candy on them.  Finally, we taped them to the wall in the hallway.

  • We made some that are mostly green and shamrock shaped for St. Patrick's Day (they're still up on the wall).
  • As long as you can come up with a large shape, you could do them for any holiday.
  • After drying, you could also make these multi-media by gluing on pictures cut out from magazines or shapes cut out of construction paper (or my personal favorite, small shapes cut for paint samples).

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sewing: Nook Cover


I got a Nook Color and decided I needed a cover to carry it in my big bag.  However, I didn't like the hard covers so I made my own.

Inspiration: A geocaching friend made me a holder for embroidery supplies a number of years ago.  It was a little bigger than my Nook but I used the basic design she used to create my cover.

How I Made It:  I used paper to make a pattern.  A piece of each of the 3 pocket layers.  I decided to add an additional pocket with a snap so I can store my micro SD cards.  I used some material I bought years ago for curtains in the dining room (that I never made).  The two upper pockets are just folded layers of materials.  The lowest pocket has batting.  The whole outside has batting.  After sewing the pocket piece together, I pinned it to the outer and inner fabric and batting.  Sewed the whole thing, turned it (I sewed it inside-out) and then hand-sewed it closed.  I wish I'd have added a material loop to the cover to attach to a button.  I didn't so instead I used 2 buttons and I use a pony tail holder to keep it together.