Monday, June 25, 2012

Card: 4th of July - Fireworks


Inspiration:  I wanted to send 4th of July cards this year and wanted to try a technique I hadn't used since elementary school.

How I Made Them:  On a large sheet of paper I drew lots of fireworks with crayons.  Then I took very watered down kid's paint in dark blue and brown (mixed) and did a wash over the paper.  After it dried, I cut the large paper into rectangles that fit on the cards.  After gluing them to the cards, I used Sharpie's to add "Happy 4th of July!" on the outside.  On the inside I wrote "Celebrate independence with fun and fireworks!"

  • I'm out of watercolor paint so I just really watered down my daughter's Crayola Kid's Paint, but watercolor would have been much better - smoother, and closer to the color I wanted.
  • This technique would work really well for Halloween cards too!  And maybe even "Over the Hill" birthday cards.
Additional Photo