Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Decoration: Fall Garland


Inspiration: There were instructions in the Strawberry Shortcake Magazine that my 3-year old received for making a Fall Garland and she wanted to make one.

How We Made It:  I used the Fall Stencils that I got from Oriental Trading Company ( to make the shapes (the set has 12 different ones, I used the 3 leaves, the acorn, the pumpkin, the corn, and the haystacks).  I cut out the shapes in fall colored paper I got at Hollo's.  My daughter used the cut up scraps, some stickers, gems, googly eyes and pipe cleaners to decorate them with some help from her Dad (she does fine with the glue stick but the gems and pipe-cleaners needed stronger glue so he helped there).  After the pieces dries, I punched a hole in each one and added a reinforcer support on the back (so it hopefully won't tear).  Since I was out of yarn, I used some sisal-cord twine to string them up.  I put double knots between each piece so they stay spaced out.  Then we hung them up.

Alternatives: (aka things I thought about later)
  • We probably could have done double the number of shapes for the window space we have.
  • I later got some pumpkin confetti - that would have been fun to use too.
  • We could have always made our own shapes without the stencils.
  • I could have used some package ribbon (I have green) instead of the twine.