Thursday, November 15, 2012

Card: Christmas - MiniPics


Inspiration: I get this catalog for mailing labels every month and I've always thought about cutting out all the little images and doing something with them.  So now I have!  Kind of like those pictures made from lots of timy pictures.

How I Make Them: As I mentioned, I cut out all the square and rectangular pictures/images from a label catalog I got in the mail.  I took my usual card stock and folded the card in half.  I measured out a space that I outlined in pencil to make sure I had a small edge around it with enough room at the top to write my greeting.  I used Modge Podge to adhere all the pieces.  If I don't feel that I get them down smooth enough, I use my daughter's play-doh rolling pin to smooth it out.  I let the whole thing dry under a pile of books.  After it's dried, I put a layer of Modge Podge over the collage and let it dry.  Then I used the Marther Stewart glitter marker set to write Merry Christmas at the top of the card.  I'm leaving these blank inside to write personal messages on them.

  • I created a few Fall ones to use as stationary.  I also made one for the 4th of July. 
  • I've made a few postcards with these as well - for Christmas and just general summer ones.
  • Basically any catalog or magazine could be used for images on just about any holiday or season or occassion.

Additional Photo (though it's a little fuzzy because I didn't use the flash):