Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Card: Valentine's Day - Bananas!

Inspiration: In keeping with the fruit theme from the past couple of years, I thought bananas look like smiles and might make nice Valentine's.

How I Made Them: I bought yellow foamie paper at Pat Catan's.  A Google search for "bunch of bananas" found images that I printed in a side of about 1" by 2".  I tried 3 different images and traced and cut out my bunches and used glitter gel pens to draw the lines.  The ones in the image is the bunch that I thought looked the best.  Quick bit of glue to secure the bananas to the cards (which were bookmark cardstock from Hollo's but I used my paper cutter to get it down to 2 1/2" strips - I think the width was about 1 1/4" to begin with).  I used the same glitter gel pen to write "I go BANANAS for you, Valentine!".  My now 5-year old will be adding her name to the bottom after the heart - she loves to write her name herself.


  • I did buy some stiff felt to use instead, but the foamie is much easier to cut and draw on.
  • Not sure what fruit I'll do next year...still toying with the star in an apple...
Additional Picture: