Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cake: Birthday Ghost


I realize this post has nothing to do with cards.  However, my birthday was earlier this month and I wanted a cake.  I only have 1 shaped cake pan.  It's a ghost.  I also needed to practice decorating a cake for a party that's now only 1 week away.  So I decided to make myself and birthday cake as practice.  It turned out pretty good and only took me about 2 hours to decorate.  My mom used to make all our birthday cakes and we'd see her decorating them (and steal a fingerful of frosting or two in the process).  She's made all of my daughter's birthday cakes (and one hair cutting cake) too.  I've helped here and there on them (creating Starburst gems for a tiara, piping a line or words).  So this is my first cake decorated all by myself.  I brought it to work on my birthday - it was all gone an hour and a half later.