Saturday, February 6, 2016

Card: Valentine's Day - Blueberry


Inspiration: The latest entry in our fruit themed Valentine's. We're trying to make sure we hit all the colors of the rainbow and already have pink/red (strawberries), yellow (bananas),  purple (grapes), and orange (oranges). 

How I Made Them: I used a circle stencil for the round part with a medium blue paper from Hollo's (it's acid & lignin-free paper for scrap-booking but a little thicker so almost card stock).  Then I hole-punched a dark blue paper and free-hand cut a star-ish shape around the hold.  Used glue to get everything together.  An blue gel pen was used to write "You're true blue, Valentine!"  To finish it off, the 7-yr old signed her name of the back of each card (in pink, of course).

Additional Photo:

Other Ideas:

  • Staying with a rainbow of fruit (some of these you might see in future years): green (limes or kiwi), red (apples)
  • Other themes: sports, cartoon characters (I'd probably use found images but you need to be careful of copyright)
  • I also have this idea to do heart-shaped cards that are like mini-collages with magazine cut-outs (Maybe I'll try this one soon)
  • I also totally want to pass this on so the now 7-yr old is making her own and we haven't work with Heart-shaped doilies yet...