Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Card: Valentine's Day - Lime

Inspiration: The latest entry in our fruit themed Valentine's. We're trying to make sure we hit all the colors of the rainbow and already have pink/red (strawberries), yellow (bananas), purple (grapes), and orange (oranges).
How I Made Them: I used a circle stencil for the round part with a lime green paper from Hollo's (it's acid & lignin-free paper for scrap-booking but a little thicker so almost card stock). Then I cut a smaller circle with another stencil in a yellow paper. Then I made 5 hole-punches in the yellow paper and cut triangles to elongate the holes toward the center of the circle. Used glue to get everything together. An green gel pen was used to write "You lime up my life, Valentine!" or "You're the lime of my life, Valentine!" or "You make my lime better, Valentine!" To finish it off, the 8-yr old signed her name of the back of each card (in pink, of course).