Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Cards: Remaking Felt Ornaments as Cards

Just a little share.  I took several of the felt ornaments I've made and reused the templates using paper to make note cards to send quick notes to family, friends, and pen pals.  Some turn out better than others.  Some I embellish with coloring to add background. Take a look:

Bomb Pop into a Thank You card for teachers.

A Happy little Rainbow on a Cloud

Fries and a Drink (always makes me hungry!)

Llama - thinking about making a Happy Llamakah card next year

I like this little fox

Even my Salesforce character obsession gets in the ix with Earnie...

...and Astro with the Trailhead logo in the background

Aside from the ones I made from felt ornament templates, I wanted to make one Salesforce character I hadn't done in felt, so I made a Codey the Bear as a Bearista card.  I used different colors to add some variety.  I've been using these to send to my Developer Group members.