Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Card: Mother's Day - Hand in Hand


Inspiration: While my daughter is still small, I wanted to do something with her hand in it cuz it's little and cute.  I thought incorporated both her and my hand would be special.

How I Made Them:  I traced my daughter's right hand and my left hand on thin construction paper and cut them out.  I used a full 8x11 piece of paper for the card, folded in half.  I glued my hand on first, just putting glue near the wrist.  Then I placed my daughter's hand so it was partially under mine and glued it down.  Then I added glue on the tips of my hand's fingers and curled them so they were glued over and around my daughter's hand.  On the outside, I wrote "Hand in hand...".  On the inside, I wrote:
  • holding hands when we are small
  • sticky sweet PB&J kisses
  • wrap-around full hugging squeezes
Happy Mother's Day"

  • The hands could be decorated to add nail polish and rings or even a henna tattoo and maybe a bracelet.

Additional Photo: