Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Card: New Year's 2019

Yes, still posting old cards.

Inspiration: I didn't have a lot of time to create something that year but I had lots of postcard sized card stock in blue.  So I made a postcard for the New Year (I think I actually made them originally for Rosh Hashana and then just changes to the Gregorian year).

How I Made Them: I actually hand drew the Hebrew words and the 2019 on card stock but since I didn't trust that I could do it the same multiple times, I scanned the image and then printed it out for additional cards.  I colored them after printing - always making Ahava (Love) in pink or red, Shalom (peace) in Green or Purple, and Tikvah (Hope) in Gold or Yellow.  I used a variety of colors of the 2019.  Then I glued the coloring to the blue card stock and wrote "May peace, love, and hope surround us in 2019." near the bottom of the card with a Gold Gel Pen.

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