Thursday, November 26, 2020

Felt Ornament: Clown Fish

Inspiration: I wanted to make something else in felt and I wanted it to be colorful.  After some image surfing on the internet, I settled into making some clown fish.

How I Made Them: I found an image of a clown fish I liked online.  I printed out 2 copies.  I cut them out and created templates as I cut - one of the main body, then cut out the white stripes for more.  Then used the 2nd copy to cut out the 4 fins.  

I used the cardstock templates I made to cut my pieces out in felt.  I applique stitched the white stripes onto the fish body using white DMC floss.  I placed together my front and back and between them placed the fins and the charm hangers.  Starting at the front bottom fin, I blanket stitched around the fish using a DMC floss as close to the main color of felt as I could find.  After passing the last fin on my way around, I paused and stuffed the fish with some polyfil and then finished it.  I glued on a google eye to finish the fish.

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