Thursday, January 14, 2021

Felt Ornament: Turtle

Inspiration: I don't know about you but between the weather and doing pretty much everything at home, I'm starting to get some cabin fever.  I'm also running out of ideas of things I really want to make.  Last week, I just had a day where I felt like I needed to make something and I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do.  I remembered this cute little turtle my daughter used when we were creating a Scratch program, so I decided to use that to make my next piece.

How I Made It: I printed 3 copies of the image.  Then I cute them out.  I cut out parts, traced out templates with card stock.  Then cut and traced some more until I was pretty sure I had all the pieces I was going to need.  (It really wasn't very many - body, back, back edge, front leg, 2 back legs, tail, cheeks, and some spots).  I looked through my current felt supply and decided on colors (mostly greens) and I used the templates I created to cut out the pieces.  I sewed the pieces together using embroidery floss and applique stitches.  I sewed the 2 body pieces together with blanket stitches, pausing to add a hanger (lobster clip with a loop), and to give it a little Polyfill stuffing.  I finished it by gluing on googly eyes.

Things I'd Do Different: I kind of think the head part is a little long from the body so I might reshape if I want to do over or else reposition the spots so it looks better.  I could also add in some embroidery stitching to make the turtle's back a little more elaborate.

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